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Are you frustrated with the traditional approach to learning memory verses?

Do you forget what you learned?
Are you looking for a better way?

You’re not alone! We struggled with the same things, and those difficulties inspired the Bible Memory System.  

When we became discouraged after trying to learn memory verses by endlessly reading and repeating them, we decided to try putting Scripture to music.

For us, it was the answer -- especially when it comes to review!   We have been able to memorize whole chapters and books of the Bible, and can review them easily for long-term retention. 

Even young children learn the memory verses easily and enjoy singing along. The potential of such a system is truly only limited by the number of verses in the Bible!

What’s the Difference?

Our tunes are a means to an end, not an end in themselves.

There are some good musicians who have made songs with Bible verses for lyrics. These are pleasant to listen to and meet the goal for which they were created -- pleasant music with Biblical words. We are glad they are available, but we saw the need for something different.

Except for a few special collections, our tunes are unique. Their purpose is Bible memorization through music, not simply musical enjoyment (though of course we are delighted if they are musically pleasant!).

That is what sets this system apart from anything else we could find available for free on the Internet. (If you know of anything like this, please let us know!) Our tunes are word-for-word Bible verses predominantly from the New American Standard version. They have practically no repetition or embellishment that might make it difficult to memorize the exact text. This site is still in its infancy stage, but we hope that it will eventually assist thousands of God's children all over the world to truly treasure His Word in their hearts.

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